About the project

This project focused on the work of Antun Jančić, a military architect in the service of the Venetian Republic. Since the known data about his career and works point to his outstanding importance, the project aimed to carry out further research of archival sources. The data obtained provided a more complete picture of the sites he worked at, i.e. of his entire oeuvre. In addition to that, the identification of his basic biographical data was expected. Jančić's work was interpreted within the context of other Venetian architects, as well as in view of the institutions and procedures involved in the construction of fortifications. Such an interpretative framework showed the exceptional quality of both Jančić as an individual as well as his work. The fact that he was termed a genius was sufficient in itself to merit a thorough research.

Jančić lived in the last decades of the 17th and first decades of the 18th century, i.e. in the late period of the Venetian Republic. While significantly greater research efforts have been focused on the 16th century fortifications, this project, with Jančić as its central figure, targeted the fortifications of the later period. Therefore, one of the objectives of the project was to affirm the concept of late Venetian fortresses, hitherto relatively neglected despite their number and significance.

The project was started in 2017 and was formally concluded in 2020.

Research funded by the Croatian Science Foundation


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