Antun Jančić

Antun Jančić, a fortification engineer in the service of the Venetian Republic, apparently was of Croatian origin, mentioned in the professional literature as a Dalmatian. In archival files his name appears in the forms of Giancix, Giaxich, Giansich and others. Unsystematic data suggest that he was one of the most important military engineers originating from the eastern Adriatic coast.


In addition to designing fortresses, Jančić also served as an officer, climbing ranks from sergeant major to general. His superiors used to praise his abilities and virtues, which is documented in the records by J. M. von der Schulenburg, chief commander of the Venetian army, and Agostino Sagredo, Proveditore Generale da Mar. The fact that Jančić worked on the most important fortresses in various parts of the Venetian state (Knin, Corfu, Napoli di Romania) is also relevant in terms of his significance and reputation.

Jančić's name was not new in the professional literature. In 1933 Gerola judged that Jančić was "one of the most capable engineers in the service of the Serenissima at the time", and in 1955 Fisković reasoned that Jančić was "probably well acquainted with military engineering since it was the Senate itself that sent him there [to Knin]". One of the most recent (2005) writers on Jančić, Christian Ottersbach, termed him an ingenious engineer about whom there is little known. It may be concluded that Jančić's importance was anticipated, but never thoroughly described and interpreted.

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